What’s it all about?

Writing is a fairly solitary exercise. We sit in our studies, our dining rooms, even a café, and we pound away on a keyboard, crafting stories from our words.

Sometimes, it’s nice to hook up with other writers, people who know what we’re going through, the highs and lows. At the start of NaNoWriMo, I began talking to other local writers, mostly, about their writing and NaNoWriMo in particular. These ‘chat’s take place in a Google Hangout – a sort of video chat room. The video is streamed live to my YouTube channel, and then becomes available as a standalone video about ten minutes after the end of filming. The shows generally last an hour, but there is no fixed duration.

They’re informal discussions, sometimes question-and-answer, sometimes free-for-all, but I think everyone who has been on the programme has enjoyed the experience. Some people came back for more!

So if you think you’d like to participate, get in touch with me via Twitter at @AuthorGerald, or email me on geraldswriting AT gmail DOT com. All you need is a reasonable internet connection (2Mbps seems to be about the minimum) and a computer with a webcam. Oh, and a Google email (GMAIL) address.

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