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Small absence

Sorry if anyone is wondering where the writer chats have gone.

I had a meeting last night (Wednesday) of the local Literature Festival Committee (no less!), and tonight is the monthly Pub Book Club. And yes, it’s a book club, and it’s held in a pub. Double win!

gem thompsonSpeaking of doubles (hic), tomorrow (Friday 14th November 2014) I have two writer chats scheduled – one with Gem Thompson, from Suffolk, who’s one of the Suffolk Daytime Word Sprint gang. We’ll be talking about apps and programs for writing. Or social media. Or both. We’ll see. That’s scheduled for 2pm. She has a book. Buy it.

sarah-janeAnd in the normal 7pm slot, I have the prolific vlogger (yes, vlogger, as in video blogger) Sarah-Jane Bird on my show. She’s from my local Essex group, and you can catch her vlog at You should subscribe to her YouTube channel. Oh yes, you should.