A short break …

… while I turn what used to be a bedroom …

IMG_1732 copy


… into an empty room (complete with sad-looking dog) ..


IMG_1735 copy

… into a messy room (after a trip to IKEA) …

IMG_1740 copy

… and finally into my writing studio.

IMG_1744 copy

2 thoughts on “A short break …

  1. Oh no! Why did I look at this! Now I have writing studio envy. Roll on the summer, when just maybe we’ll have got to grips with a garage conversion so that I have somewhere to call my own :)
    Looks comfy. How is it working out?

    1. Hi Alison – sorry, just seen this. It’s working out really well. It’s surprising how much of a difference it’s made. It’s great to have all ‘my stuff’ to hand. Thanks for the comment :)

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